New Jobs In Ireland

It crossed my mind recently that jobs lost seem to always get more
airPlay than jobs created.

So out of curiosity I did a scan to see
what jobs were created in Ireland in May.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

Merit medical. Galway. 200 jobs.
Copper fasten technologies 37 jobs software

SAP- 250 jobs in Galway & Dublin
System dynamics Dublin 30

Cylon. Energy firm. 50 new jobs

Business search engine CASH IQ 45 new jobs

Semiconductor firm Zentrum. ZMDI. 35 new jobs

Laya healthcare cork 100 new jobs

IBM. 200 minimum new jobs

Apple based in Cork – 500 new jobs.

So without much digging that’s about 1247 new jobs.
Interesting. I know jobs are being lost but that’s the natural cycle in business.
Sometimes you’d be fooled into thinking there were no new jobs…..

And the above doesn’t allow for all of the new start ups on the horizon.

If you know of more please add them in the comments….


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