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Poll Results: How Much Of Success Is Mental?

Thanks to everyone who took the recent poll on the question:

‘How Much Of Success Is Mental?’

Here’s the results:

90%+                  49% of the poll

70%-90%           32% of the poll

50%-70%           14% of the poll

30% – 50%          3% of the poll

10%-30%             2% of the poll

< 10%                   0% of the poll

What’s interesting here is that whatever the actual answer is, over 95% of people who took the poll believe that at least 50% of success is mental!  Of that a total of 81% of the poll believe it accounts for over 70% of success!

So here’s the key question.  If success relies on the mental factor that significantly, how much of your time do you spend working on the mental game every day and every week?

If you’re like most, the answer is very little.  Yet, if it’s that significant a factor, doesn’t it make sense to spend more time in this area?

What do you think?


Self-Belief, Teamwork & A Clear Gameplan – Ireland & The Dubs.

Here’s your shot of inspiration this week:

“Getting ahead in a difficult profession requires avid faith in yourself. That is why some people with mediocre talent, but with great inner drive, go much further than people with vastly superiortalent.”

– Sophia Loren

This weekend was a triumph for self-belief, hungry teamwork and a clear game plan. First, Ireland beat Australia in rugby for the first time ever in a world cup.  Then, Dublin beat Kerry in the All-Ireland Gaelic Football final.

In both cases,  the winners were competing against competition that player for player are more skilful than them. Self-belief, teamwork and a clear game plan can work wonders.  What can you do this week to bring more of  these 3 qualities into your business?

Get them right and magic can happen….

Have a great week,


ps – The last day for the recent poll is today (What % of Success is Mental) – If you haven’t voted I’d appreciate you taking 30 secs to do so – Click Here

Have Your Say – Poll On Success

Hi there,

I’m curious as to what you think the answer to this question is:

How Much Of Success Is Mental?

There’s quite a few on this blog and my weekly e-mail. So it’ll be interesting to see what the overall result is. Please take a moment to cast your vote and leave any comments.

The Cats Bounce Back

Hi there,

I’m lucky enough to be from Kilkenny.

Which means I was a happy man yesterday as they won the All Ireland Hurling Final for a record 33rd time.

Some of the greatest players who ever lived are playing now for Kilkenny yet the one person who really makes the biggest difference is the manager, Brian Cody.

Here’s what man of the match, JJ Delaney said about Brian Cody yesterday:

“Every player, every defender, every man knew what job he had to do. He (Cody) said, ‘right, you have to do that. X, Y and Z’ and that is your job for today. Everyone knew what was going to happen. He is just a great man.”


There is obviously a lot more to Brian than just the above, but it gives us a clue to the team’s success.

They had a game plan and everyone knew exactly what they had to focus on. And it worked because they shut out Tipperary’s star players.

Do you have a game plan?

Do you know your X, Y and Z for your life and business?  (i.e. your top priorities)

Does everyone on your team know their X,Y and Z?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, what can you do about it this week?

Have a great week,


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