Pictures from client hike

Amazing weather today for the client hike in glendalough. Sore feet but very clear head at the end of it. Here’s some pics. And all within 40 minutes from Dublin!





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  1. Hi Shane,

    Someone once said to me that most peoples problem is that they think too much. If we could all control our thoughts we would be much better off and have a clearer thought process.

    Clearer Decisions = Better Decisions

    • Very true Colin. Your comment is actually at the core of the work I do 1 to 1 with clients now. It looks like at least 80% of the great results clients make are from changes to the way they think. Here’s a question for you: How do you think you can control your thoughts?

  2. I really have no idea Shane. I think if your thoughts are holding you back then there is an underlying issue. Is it fear of failure, fear of success, or something else?

    I’m not sure Shane!

    • This is a biggie but here’s a short version I hope makes sense. The key question to ask is where do your thoughts come from? If you can see this, it really makes a difference. Thoughts mostly come from deep seated prorgams (groups of thought) in our unconscious. That’s why most of the thoughts you think every day are very often the same as the previous day. We are creatures of habit and most people’s thoughts are habitual. So if you can change the programs in your unconscious you can change your thoughts. This is true. I’ve done it to myself and for others. The next question is how do you change a program? The answer lies in our imagination. Programs are formed by repeating images/memories in our minds until they become habitual. For example, if you wanted to overcome a fear of public speaking a big step would be to relax and them imagine yourself speaking in front of groups of people successfully. If you keep imagining this it will eventually become a program in your mind and in time will allow you to speak very well in public. Make sense?

  3. Definitely Shane. Any books, CDs etc you would recommend or is it a case of one-on-one training?

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