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Homer’s Turn

Hi There,

In the 3 years I’ve been doing this Monday email shot, I never got a response to an email like the one last week – the words of inspiration coming from my 4 year old daughter, Jane.

Some people suggested I should retire and let her send out the emails. Hopefully that will happen at some point, but she has to learn how to write first…

Keeping it short and sweet this week, here’s some wise words from Homer Simpson, in keeping with last week’s theme of ignoring your thoughts:

“Shut up, brain, or I’ll stab you with a Q-Tip!”

– Homer Simpson

Have a great week,
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Pictures from client hike

Amazing weather today for the client hike in glendalough. Sore feet but very clear head at the end of it. Here’s some pics. And all within 40 minutes from Dublin!




This Is The Guru Jane… Aged 4 and 3 months

This week’s email shot got an amazing reaction (see previous post).  This is the ‘Guru’ in question, Jane Cradock.

Wisdom comes in all sizes….

Big People Are So Silly!

Wisdom For Life From A 4 Year Old.

This week’s shot of inspiration is from an unusual source… my daughter, Jane, aged 4…and 3 months. She has taken over everything else so I guess it was only a question of time before she got to my weekly email! We had a rough night with her last Tuesday and she woke the house up 6 separate times during the night. Suffice to say Mummy and Daddy weren’t overly impressed with that…

So Mummy had a few words with her daughter first thing in the morning, saying how annoyed she was etc. etc. Jane took it all in with those big blue eyes and when Mummy had finished her ‘talk’, Jane replied with:

“But Mummy, don’t think about it then.  If it makes you feel bad there’s no need to think about it.  Then you’ll feel better.”

– Jane Cradock

It stopped my wife cold and she couldn’t help laughing. Sometimes it takes a child to point out the obvious. If something makes you feel bad when you think about it, what’s the point in continuously thinking about it? It’ll make you feel bad, dampen your mood, and then your clarity, optimism, behaviour and actions will all be affected. How often do we blow up ‘internally’ at something or someone and then put it on a repeat loop in our heads?

If you’re up for it, watch what you’re thinking today and catch  yourself if you’re thinking something that doesn’t make you feel so good.  It could be business or personal. Something About your job, your business, your team, your partner, any person, something somebody said to you over the weekend….

Catch yourself and try 1 of 3 things:

1. Replace it with a positive memory

2. Replace it with a positive goal or as Jane suggested

3. just stop thinking about it.

Have a great week.


Interesting Video On Google + Vs. Facebook

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