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The Lengths You Have To Go To To Create Excellence.

This is a great ad that shows the lengths you have to

go to to create excellence.


Rory McIlroy’s Mental Game & Business Yips

Rory McIlroy won his first major in great style yesterday, by winning the US Open with a record breaking 16 under par.

He’s only 22.  But i think what’s more impressive is the fact that he demolished the best field in the world (the closest to him was 8 shots away) only a short while after ‘throwing’ away the US Masters recently.

Here’s a significant sound bite from a TIME article today:

“Bad Masters memories could have popped into McIlroy’s head on Sunday, wreaking havoc on his game, and endangering his enormous lead.  More than any other sport, golf is a mental minefield. Those yips are as common as chips.”

– TIME, June 20th 2011
You could say business is a mental minefield also.  A bad day/week/month/quarter if you let it, can set you back.  Just like an average golfer. I believe this is because most people play bad memories & worries too much in their minds. And then the ‘business yips’ emerge…
McIlroy was quoted over the weekend as saying he wasn’t going to “let his mind wander onto the negative memories of before – only on
his strengths and his game plan.’

I’d love to have a chance to interview him.  I’m pretty sure that if we go into his mind, we’d find a few of these things:

1. He made himself remember the great things he’d done & his strengths. (this relieves stress and builds confidence)
2. Because he go so close to winning before he had faith that if he  ‘just played’ he’d get there

3. This time round, he only focused on what he wanted to happen and also remembered the great memories of his game to date.

All of the above impact hugely in your state of mind, and that is the key to composure, consistency and high performance.

Either way, a great exhibition of how you CAN bounce back from big set-backs – and the trick is in the mental game.

Have a great week,


ps to read the full TIME article go here:

3 Great Questions For Control

Here’s a twist on your weekly inspiration:

3 Questions I find very insightful, that you can ask yourself or others to help improve any given situation:

1. What don’t I control here?

2. What have I been trying to control?

3. What could I control that I have not?

Answering 1., can be very humbling as you realise that there’s a lot you’re not in control of and will also help identify what not to get stressed about.

Answering 2., will highlight areas that putting energy into will probably work against your success e.g. if they don’t accept my idea immediately, just ‘force’ it through.

Answering 3.,  will highlight possible action areas and usually also shows a large chunk ofmindset issues for yourself, that you can work on immediately i.e. controlling my reaction, my attitude, my behaviour etc.

In my experience, much of the resistance to change comes from trying to overcontrol people or a situation.

The result is a lack of real control over your desired outcomes.

When you’re clear on what you can control and what you can’t, it allows you make better decisiions on how best to move forward.

Food for thought.

Have a great week,


ps – The winners of last week’s competition were:

1. Nadine Ui Duibhgeanan

2. Cathy O’Connor

3. Aine O’Sullivan (MS Ireland)

Thanks again to all who entered and helped spread the word.

The draw for the free books will be done this week.