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10 Not So Common Nuggets To Consider!

“Common sense is not so common”.

– Voltaire

So here are 10 Not So Common Nuggets to consider for this week:

1. Never look at email first thing in the morning.

2. Unusual thinking works well when you ‘physically’ go to somewhere different than normal.

3. Don’t use your diary just to schedule meetings – use it to schedule the rocks in your jar – and one of them should be ‘thinking’ time.

4. Walk more – even and especially during the business day.

5. Try a ‘media ban’ for 1 week and see what impact it has on you.

6. Have more stand up meetings at work – you’d be surprised at how much time you’ll save…

7. Consistency is your biggest competitive advantage. Try a ‘No exceptions Policy’ for things you HAVE to do every day/week/month.

8. Achieving your goals is NOT a problem of goal setting. We are goal setting experts. It is an issue of continuous, consistent (usually daily) decision making.

9. We need to ‘pull weeds’ in our life AND ‘water the flowers’. Most people are more focused on the first than the latter. What do you do?

10. Take 1 day out a month to focus on the most important relationships in your business and personal life.

Food for thought…

Have a great week,

Best Regards,



A Great Use Of Your Time

Hi There,

We are all given the same gift of 24 hours every day. But some people seem to be better at using their time available than others.

Here’s a very simple exercise to help you get the best from your week ahead. (will take 2 minutes)


Grab a pen and answer this question:

‘What are the top 3 things to do this week that will give the best return for my work?’ (Hint:  The answers are probably not in the ‘HAVE TO’ category but rather the ‘SHOULD DO’ one. )

With those answers written, do the following:
-Prioritise the list from 1 to3
– Estimate how long each one will take to do
– Take that block of time and put in in your diary on a definite day at a set time.
If you’ve done this, your business rocks are now in the jar. If you want to go for gold, do the same exercise for your personal life:
i.e. ‘What are the top 3 things to do this week that will give the best return for my life?’

Have a great week,

Best Regards,