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Why October is So Important & The importance of the right habits

Here’s your shot of inspiration for this week:
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”
– Aristotle

What you do repeatedly, you ingrain as a habit. Your habits affect your results, which ultimately determine your quality of business results and life.
The problem with habits, is that they take commitment to do actions consistently until they become hard-wired into your unconscious. Think about the time it took to learn how to drive a car… Or ride your bicycle…
So, what’s this got to do with October? Well, as I see it October is one of the most important months of the year. It’s the first month of the last quarter, and what you do in this month will very often, for most businesses, determine how the year finishes. Often what you do in November and December is too little too late for impacting on the calendar year.
So here’s an idea for the coming month of October… join me in ‘The October Challenge’ by answering the following question and following through:
1. What if done consistently, every day for the month of October will have the single biggest impact on my job/business?
If you’re in, you have a couple of days to decide on that 1 thing. Then, play full out to do this one thing consistently just for October.
The benefits?
1. You’ll ingrain a new habit.
2. If you pick the right action, you’ll make sure your final quarter delivers what you want.
3. Your results will improve. The biggest obstacle to succeeding? You.  You may start very enthusiastically, only to forget about it in week 2 of the month.
So to aid you, I suggest you reply to me  ‘I’m in’. Simple promises to a third party actually do make a difference.  But it’s up to you. If you’re stuck on what to do, here’s a common list of things I encounter:
– Take time out daily to work on my business development
– Have a 5 minute team huddle with my staff daily
– Prioritise my actions daily and work through in order of importance
– Spend 5 mins daily visualising my goals
– Meditate/relax daily
– Exercise daily (yes this can help business results too!)
– Take time out daily to really think!
– Only access my email at certain times daily
So, if you’re up for it, use me as an anchor point to follow through on your commitment.
Have a great week,
Best Regards,
ps – Why not share this with your teams also?  Get them to answer the above question and run their answer by you.


Have You Got Lucky Underwear?

I guess it’s not every day you see a subject line like that in your e-mail Inbox…

Before we get onto that here’s your shot of inspiration this week:

“The harder I work the luckier I get”. – Samuel Goldwyn

Samuel Goldwyn was a very successful American film producer and founder of several movie studios.  The above quote has since been said by many people but it’s originally credited to him. It’s certainly worth sharing with the people around you, as not everyone buys into hard work – as you know 🙂

And now back to the lucky underwear..

It refers back to research that was highlighted recently in the New York Times.  If you’d like to read something ‘left of centre’, then click on the link here (it will give you food for thought… Does Lucky Underwear Improve Athletic Performance? – NY Times

Have a great week,

Best Regards,


ps – I did manage to get a reduced rate to the Les Hewitt 1 day workshop in Dublin this Friday and there’s about 14 people going from last week’s email.  If you’d like to go let me know.  Details of the workshop are here: