Seeing Things As They Really Are!

Hi All,
Here’s your shot of weekly inspiration:
“We don’t see things as they are,
we see them as we are.”
Anais Nin

So you mean…
if there are no opportunities, it could be because I see none?
(but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any)
if my team are annoying me, it’s because I’m annoyed?
if 2 people lose their jobs and one sees it as a chance
to start the business he always wanted while the other sees himself as a failure,
they’re both right?
if I’m living in fear, then fear shows up daily?
if i think i’m already successful, then i am?
if i believe i can do it, i’m already closer to achieving it?
I remember hearing a great analogy for how people see life.
Most people have a form of ‘filter’ over how they see life.
It’s like if someone is wearing red tinted glasses…
everything they look at is red.
But does that mean the world is really red?
Obviously not.
BUT, if you don’t know you’re wearing red tinted glasses you’re
probably inclined to believe that everything is red.
And you’ll argue that it is…

So what ‘filters’ might you be looking at the world through?
And are they supporting the things you want to create in your life?
Food for thought…
Have  a great week,
ps – mucho gracias to Jeremy Massey for bringing this quote to my attention.

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