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Essential Qualities for High Achievement

Hi All,
Here’s your shot of weekly inspiration:
“Courage is not my thing. It is passion, and faith.
You have to have faith in yourself.
It is contagious.
Like a magician, if he believes then the audience will.”
– Philippe Petit
Philippe Petit is the Frenchman who captivated the world by walking
between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on a high wire in 1974–a historic feat which was vividly depicted in the excellent documentary, ‘Man on Wire’.
Now, I have no desire to replicate what Philippe did, being a land lover,
but i do admire the focus, tenacity and single-mindedness to do what he did.
Remarkable (or crazy, depending on your viewpoint!)
But his quote above is curious.
He implies that courage is almost an effort.  He goes for passion
and faith – which are effortless states of being.
When you love something and are passionate about it, you are alive
in every fibre of your being. You bring forth the creative power of
the universe when you access your passion.  And without the faith
in yourself to bring something into your reality, you may sabotage yourself
and ultimately endure a lot of stress.
The above quote could have been said by any high achiever – passion and faith are
2 universal qualities in genuine success.
Someone could say to that ‘How can I have faith when
I’m in the middle of turmoil?’   And maybe that’s the perfect time to test it.
Food for thought…
Have a great week,
pps – thanks to Mark Reynolds for today’s quote and if you’d like to see a trailer
for the movie then watch this.  Man On Wire Trailer

Inspiration from Mister America’s Cup

Hi All,
Here’s your shot of weekly inspiration:
“My goal in sailing isn’t to be brilliant or
flashy in individual races, just to be
consistent over the long run. “
– Dennis Conner
If you’re into sailing you probably know who Dennis Conner is.
He’s a four time winner of the ‘America’s Cup’ – which is a trophy
awarded to the winner of the America’s Cup sailing regatta match,
and the oldest active trophy in international sport.
Within the yachting community, Conner is most famous for
fundamentally changing the America’s Cup,
and racing in general, from an amateur to professional status.
These accomplishments led to the nickname “Mister America’s Cup”.
 The thing that I like about his quote above is his reference to being
‘consistent’.   A very successful business-man once said to me
that ‘consistency is your biggest competitive advantage’.
The only problem is that many businesses are not consistent.
We get all ‘revved’ up for sales or a new system one week.  Only to
put our attention onto something else the next…
We decide we’re going to create a new way of doing something
only to drop it a few days later.
We are ‘on’ some months, and ‘off’ for others.
But what you’ll probably find is that the person or business
who just keeps doing the basics consistently will always
be there for the long haul.
Being consistent isn’t sexy, exciting, or cool.  It’s probably
hard work and boring.  But it does get you results – which
is what we really want.
So here’s a question for you this week:
‘What 1 thing if done consistently would transform my
business/life over the next 3 months?’
Write down the answer now for both your business and your life.
Now, what can you do to make sure you focus on this consistently
for the next 3 months?  – Write it down and get started on it this week.
Food for thought…
Have a great week.
Best Regards,

Being ignorant of what’s impossible

Here’s your shot of weekly inspiration:
“Never tell a young person that anything cannot be done.
God may have been waiting centuries for someone ignorant
enough of the impossible to do that very thing.”

– G.M. Trevelyan

Did you ever have an experience where you found that someone
did something you previously thought impossible?  I have quite a lot.
And what’s great about being young is that sometimes you don’t
know any better, and so you give something a go.
Knowing too much about an area can be a disadvantage because
you can sometimes ‘see’ all of the reason why something ‘won’t’ work
and so you don’t bother at all…
Whereas, even being open to the possibility of something happening
allows some space for it to occur.
I love the question:
“What now is impossible but if I could do it, it would
transform my business/life?”
Whatever the answer is, should be give some consideration
before you write if off.  You might even bounce it off other
people, and don’t be surprised if they give you ideas to make it happen…
Certainly, as we get older, I think it’s vitally important to be open
to the ‘impossible’ happening and certainly encourage it
in the people around us.
If you’d like some extra inspiration this week, I’ve inserted a link
to a very thought provoking article recently posted on Harvard
Business Review – worth a look
Have a great week,
Best Regards,

This is half the work…

Hi,Here’s your shot of weekly inspiration:

“Begin – to begin is half the work, let half still
remain; again begin this, and thou wilt have

– Marcus Aurelius

This man is not often quoted but he is one of the wisest people
who ever lived.  He was the last great Roman Emperor before the
decline and fall of the Roman Empire. His final
days were shown in the beginning sequences of the
great film “Gladiator”.

His short but insightful quote reminds us that getting
started is half the battle.
There are many things we keep putting off.
Somehow justifying to ourselves
that we will eventually get around to it – both in our business and personal lives.The seemingly ‘urgent’ tasks are always lurking to tempt us away from
the ‘best’ use of our time.  And very often the things that we are
‘holding back’ from starting
are the things that we know will be most beneficial when complete.
Yet the ‘thought’ of the work involved in doing them is usually far more
difficult than the reality of ‘doing’ the work.

Just starting something that you’ve been delaying on is half the battle.

And if you keep starting on the bits that are left, one day you will have it done.

So, the question for you this week, {!firstname}, is:
‘What have you been delaying on doing, that you will JUST START this week?’

Here’s some examples from my conversations with clients:
– Booking that special holiday
– Writing that book
– Finally dealing with a ‘poor performer’ at work
– Telling someone special to you, how much they mean to you
– Taking some time off
– Taking time out to prioritise my month & week ahead
– Getting that health check done

Food for thought…

Have a great week,

Best Regards,


’tis yourself

Here’s your weekly shot of inspiration:
“The first step towards getting somewhere is to
decide you’re not going to stay where you are. 
Analyze your life in terms of your environment. 
Are the things around you helping you towards
success or are they holding you back? 
You are not planted in the ground like a tree…you can change.
What part of you needs to change?” 
– Keith Cunningham, Business Educator & Entrepreneur
The power of a decision.  Very often, that’s all it takes to
start creating more success for yourself, on your terms.
We can tend to keep putting things off, deliberating, analysing,
or hedging our bets – procrastinating.
Very often the pain of ‘inaction’ becomes so unbearable  that
we are ‘forced’ to make a decision.  This, unfortunately, is the
way many address their business and personal lives – when a decision
could have been made well before the pain was felt.
You could look at the areas of your business and life today that
you’re not happy with and make ‘decisions’ that you’re going to
create something different.  Something better.
Whether it’s cash collection habits, health focus, poor staff performance,
where you live/work, a new opportunity etc.
I read recently that the reason most people don’t bother to try to change
anything is because they ‘feel’ that they are powerless.
If they only knew how much power and potential they have.
But they alone need to make the decision to ‘switch that power on’.
It’s not an external switch but an internal one.
And because they feel powerless, people feel that they’re at the
mercy of people and events around them.   And so they blame everyone
else – the economy, the government, my staff, my customers, my family etc.
Pretty much everyone except the person in the mirror.  And there seems
to be a lot of this going on at the moment…
The end of the above quote is the most important as I see it:
“What part of you needs to change?” 
Not the economy, not the government, not your staff.
As we say in Ireland, ’tis yourself’.
When you DECIDE to change things, things change around you.
More and more people are waking up to this fact.  So this week,
what area are you going to DECIDE to change for the better?
And what part of YOU needs to change to help that happen?
Food for thought…
Best Regards,
PS – thanks to all those who’ve given positive feedback recently on these emails.  It’s nice
to know that they seem to be making a difference to people.