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James Cameron Fights Back

In keeping with the ‘movie theme’ started last week, it seems only
fair to give this week’s inspirational quote to the ex-husband
of last week’s ‘quotee’…
“You have to not listen to the nay sayers because
there will be many and often they’ll be much more
qualified than you and cause you to sort of doubt yourself.”
– James Cameron, Filmmaker and Director of Avatar, Titanic, Terminator (to name a few)
In your own business you will always meet plenty of ‘nay sayers’.
You’ll meet people who don’t like you, believe in you, or just plain resent
the fact that you’re succeeding at something they couldn’t make work.
James Cameron is someone who has achieved amazing success in his chosen field,
as well as being a pioneer in the development of his art.  As he points out, you often
meet people who are more qualified than you but he gives us a clue as to what
is much more important than qualifications…
It’s self-belief.
There are many in your chosen field who may have more talent, qualifications and even contacts.
But they count for nothing if you don’t have pure self-belief.
With self-belief you can climb any mountain, regardless of your circumstances.
I’m sure you know plenty of people who have amazing talent but lack the self-belief to harness that talent.
And the ‘nay sayers’ are only too happy to stop you even trying.
And be warned they’ are everywhere.  They’re not just some of the people you know but
also the media – newspapers, blogs, and tv.  If we listen too much to ‘negativity’ it can
start to have an affect on us, like water sinking into a sponge.
Is there anything in your mind this week that has you doubting yourself? or your business
performance?  Are you ‘accepting’ poor results because of the economic situation or are
you going to do ‘whatever it takes to succeed?’
If there is something causing you to doubt yourself, why not completely disregard it for
just this week?  And just take action in what you’re focused on.
Food for thought,
Have a great week,
ps – if you’re interested in seeing a recent talk given by James Cameron at TED, then follow this link.  James Cameron Talk
In it one of the great things he says is “Don’t put limitations on yourself… other people will do that for you”

Oscar Winner Inspires

Being that the oscars were on last night in LaLa Land,
I thought we’d take an inspirational quote from
the night’s big winner:
“There should be more women directing;
I think there’s just not the awareness that it’s really possible.”
“If there’s specific resistance to women making movies,
I just choose to ignore that as an obstacle for two reasons:
I can’t change my gender,
and I refuse to stop making movies.”
– Kathryn Bigelow, Movie Director
Last night in LA, Kathyrn Bigelow became, believe it or not, the first woman
to ever win an Oscar for Best Director.
(There were only previously 3 female nominees in this category).
On the night, she beat the odds with her movie ‘The Hurt Locker’, to
triumph over her main competition, ‘Avatar’, the $2 Billion office
box sensation (ironically directed by her ex-husband James Cameron).
‘The Hurt Locker’ won several oscars including Best Film despite being
made on a small budget by an independent production team.
While her achievement will no doubt inspire more women all over the world
to greater things, I also believe there is inspiration for everyone in her story.
She stuck with what she loved doing and has real passion for,
despite many obstacles.  She refused to accept ‘current limitations’
with her chosen career.   She just kept going with her work regardless
of what others say because she loves it.
She ignores the obstacles in her way and finds a way around them.
What obstacles are in your way right now, that you could just decide
you’re going to find a way around them? (i.e. do whatever it takes)
Food for thought…
Have a great week,

Interesting secret of Billion Dollar CEO

Here’s your shot of weekly inspiration:
“Every morning when I wake up, I check
for what’s in my head.  And before I get out
of bed, I make sure I drop all of my opinions, because
I’ve realised they won’t get me anywhere.”
– Josh Stewart, CEO of X-Jet.
Last Thursday I was lucky enough to get invited to an
event that Josh was speaking at in Dublin.  He was giving
his insights to his success and what he thought worked.
You may not know of Josh yet, but his story is a pretty
impressive one.  He started X-Jet 5 years ago and it’s
now valued at over a billion dollars.  Throw into the mix
that he’s in great shape, makes sure that all of his staff
prioritise their health (through educogym) and is also a director
of several other large companies and… well, you get the picture.
During the talk he said the above and I thought it was very interesting.
What he means is that
he realised that his ‘internal talk’ was telling him what was possible
and what wasn’t.
For example…
You can’t get this sale
You can’t run a business of this scale, you’ve no experience…
You can’t stick to the right diet and get into great shape…
You can’t overcome this challenge
Josh discovered that if he just focused his mind on being
totally present, being real, focused on connecting with people,
and pretty much ‘ignore’ his internal voice, then surprisingly
good things would happen (and he achieved more of his potential)
i.e. he’d perform better in a situation, get improved results, people would respond better
and all sorts of positive coincidences would occur.
And most of all because he wasn’t giving any attention to his ‘opinions’
he found that he started to see all sorts of opportunities that he never would
have considered.  (plus he started to feel better!)
And what’s just as interesting is his observation that all of the
mega-successful clients he has developed relationships with through
his business, have the ability to open their minds by dropping their ‘opinions’,
which is why they ‘see’ opportunities no-one else does.
So here’s something to consider for this week:
What’s your opinion about where you’re at in your business and/or life?
Could you ‘drop’ that opinion just for 1 week? and just focus on being and
doing the best you can instead?  So if something’s bothering you, could you just
drop it, completely?
And for each meeting you have this week, can you drop your
opinion of the people you’re meeting and just focus on the content of the meeting?
Try it and see what happens.
Definitely food for thought…
Have a great week,
Best Regards,