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Kicking off 2010 – your shot of inspiration

I hope you had a very restful and rejuvenating break at Christmas.
I’d like to wish you a very happy new year and may it be
a successful one for you.
Here’s your first shot of weekly inspiration for 2010:
“People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are.
I don’t believe in circumstances.
The people who get on in this world are the people who get up
and look for the circumstances they want,
and if they can’t find them, make them.
– George Bernard Shaw
For many 2009, was a year to forget.
But for others, it was a good year.  (Yes, they are out there!)
As we kick off 2010, keen to make it a great year, I suggest we
reflect on Mr. Shaw’s words, and be brutally honest with how we’re
looking at our lives.
There is no doubt that the landscape has changed – and that it will
continue to change.  But are we ‘victims of circumstance’ or ‘creators of
our circumstances’?  What can we do differently this year?
Do you think it’s possible to create the circumstances you want?
Or are you even clear on what they are?
The above quote might be worth sharing with those around you
as we start a new year.
Food for thought…

Will Smith’s thoughts on success in Life

Here’s your shot of weekly inspiration:
  “So live that you wouldn’t be ashamed to sell
the family parrot to the town gossip.
– Will Smith, Actor & Entertainer
A very successful actor and musician, Will seems to have more depth to him
than the average entertainer.  Here’s what he shared with Jay Leno on the tonight
show, about his ‘Keys To Life’:
Runnin’ & Reading:Key to Life #1 – Running:

When you’re running and that voice in your head that
starts saying to you, “slow down, your ankles are hurting”,
tries to get you to stop,
that’s when you keep on running and breakthrough.
When you learn to defeat that person inside that tries
to get you to stop, you can defeat anything that stands in front of you.
Anything that’s blocking your way toward your true purpose, destination and goal.

Key to Life #2 – Reading

Millions of people that have lived before us have
solved the same problems that you’re experiencing today.
And many of them wrote down what they learned and discovered in books.
Those books are available to all of us, to tap into and
gain that accelerated knowledge and use it to our advantage.
Any problem we may face – can be found in a book somewhere along
with the solution to that problem.
As we start a new year, these
are a couple of simple points to bear in mind.
Food for thought…

Can you guess who said this?

Here’s your shot of weekly inspiration:
“No-one else can feel the rain on your skin.
No-one else can speak the words on your lips.
Drench yourself in words unspoken.
Live your life with arms wide open.
Today is where your book begins.
The rest is still unwritten.”
Can you guess these words came from?
The ‘Blueprint’ day last Friday went very well & thanks to those
who attended – that was the full day
to take some time out to really ‘think’ about your future and
get your priorities right.
One of the points that came up during the workshop is really
very interesting and I thought I’d share it with you.
I’ll phrase the point as a question:
Why are you doing the things you do in life?

A lot of the time, it seems that many people live their lives

for other people – that to have a ‘successful’ life they have to
live a life that ‘others’ think is appropriate.
Very often, these ‘other people’ are not around – parents, family, friends,
colleagues, neighbours and so on, yet they seem to ‘live’ inside our heads!
Very often when i ask someone
on a 1 to 1 level why are they doing what they’re doing, they soon realise
that it’s because of what someone else wants.  And often they’re afraid
to make changes because of what ‘someone else’ will think…
And they’ve never really ALLOWED themselves to even think about
what they want.
Is that a recipe for a fulfilling life?
I don’t think so.
The above quote are actually lyrics from a song by Natasha Bedingfield,
called ‘Unwritten’. Inspiration can come from anywhere, and
I’m sure you have your favourite songs that inspire you.
Her lyrics here, I think, remind us that you are unique,
and have your own take on the world.  It’s up to you
to follow your own path, and
no matter where you are

Today is where your book begins.
The rest is still unwritten.
Anything can happen in 2010.   What do you really want?
 Food for thought…
Have a great week,

The secret to great changes…

Here’s your shot of weekly inspiration:
“For things to change,
first I must change. 
What do I need to change?”
– Keith Cunningham
What?  Am I reading that right?  You must be mistaken.
I’m perfect (you know who you are…).  The issue isn’t with me
it’s with ‘them’.  ‘They’ need to change…
As I’ve said before, I believe there’s great power in asking
the right question.  The above quote puts forward a view that most
people in my experience have trouble with – me included.
If things aren’t the way you wish them to be, we generally point
the finger of blame at someone else.
They did this…
They didn’t do that…
and on and on…
I remember talking with a business owner over a ‘problem’ he
was having with a member of his team – they never did what he wanted
and he was having a major issue managing them.  It was only
when he fully accepted that the way HE was managing the person had a huge
impact on their performance, that real change could take place – and it did.
So, I wonder can you think of an area in your business or life
right now that is ‘bothering’ you? – and ask yourself the above question
just for that area…
And just for this week, take the ball of ‘responsibility’ and see what
you can change.
Food for thought.
Have a great week,
Best Regards,

What is to what, as 4 is to 1?

Here’s your shot of weekly inspiration:
“Mental toughness is to physical as four is to one.”
– Bobby Knight, American Basketball Coach
There’s no doubt that in the past year, business people have been tested
with their mental ‘toughness’.  It’s easy to be positive when everyone’s
doing well – not so, when most people are being challenged.
And business owners have more than the average amount of challenges.
The phone company ‘3’ asked me to contribute a short article about
mental strength for their February edition of their business newsletter.
I’ve included it here as an attachment as i thought you might get some
nuggets from it.
Have a great week,
Best Regards,